After the Lockdown

Some of you might know that I am part of the team organising festivals at Toets des Tijds. Despite the lockdowns we have been very lucky to be able to organise a corona-proof Festival ‘Toetsenparade’ 2020 in the end of October. 30 people in the audience was the maximum allowed but we preferred to keep it even safer and therefore even more accessible for the public and opted for a maximum of 20 people. Almost every concert has been sold out! People were very happy to attend a real physical concert and the musicians were happy to finally perform live.

Now we really hope to be as much lucky with our next  concert on the 20th of January, right after the current lockdown. We will know whether we can proceed with it after the government’s press conference on the 12th of January. If the lockdown will be prolonged and you already bought your ticket, you will receive a full refund or a voucher for one of our next concerts.

Off<>zz is a duo of Felipe Ignacio Noriega (laptop / live coding) and Anne Veinberg (all sorts of pianos). For “Na de lockdown” they will present a very special concert. A kind of postponed New Year’s concert with the theme: 2020 – the positive side of it. While this year has been so tough with a lot of sadness, loss and silence, there have been some beautiful moments too.

They will make a musical world trip through the 7 continents. Their performance is supported by a visual background that will show the process of live coding and images. For this edition of their CodeKlavier program they invited me as a guest player to add Armenian traditional music to the Off<>zz’s sound. I will play on trumpet two traditional Armenian melodies that are originally performed on duduk.



Hope to see you at the concert in Het Veem!

‘COLD WIND’ release on the 31st of July!

You might have heard that before becoming a composer I’ve played trumpet. I started playing when I was 7 and by the age of 16 was quite a promising student when I damaged my embouchure and had to interrupt my career. Only a decade later I started playing again during my music lessons for children, then three years ago I joined a brass band and from this year on picked up on regular practicing. Lessons with Frank van der Poel and his method have been a great help in regaining the embouchure!

Right now I focus on Armenian traditional duduk repertoire which I play on a four valves quarter tone trumpet specially made by Hub van Laar. I bring the beauty and warmth of the duduk’s sound and its ornamentation into my trumpet playing. I would like to present to you an Armenian folk tune called ‘Hovern Elan’ which can be translated as ‘cool breeze’ or ‘cold wind’. This track is the result of collaboration with the talented and dear friend Pim van den Heuvel. The track will be released on all major streaming and download platforms on the 31st of July but you can already listen to it on Soundcloud:
Also, following the pre-save button you can open links to my track and pre-save it. Then on the 31st when my single is out it will be automatically added to your Spotify, Apple Music or other library of your choice.
Looking forward to your reactions on this release! Don’t hesitate to reach me out via social media, email or by phone.

I wish you all the best, good health and lots of inspiration!

Sincerely yours,