List of works


  • FortepiJano for two fortepianos / four players
  • Music for a short movie “The Tiles”
  • Arrangements of the duduk repertoire for trumpet and organ, trumpet and brass band


  • Arrangements of the duduk repertoire for trumpet and electronics (Project Crossroads)


  • Duo for Koto and table piano (in progress, not finished)
  • Art of Virus



  • Music for a short movie “Schuld”


  • Song “Life has changed” composed together with Pim van den Heuvel


  • Music for theatre play: “In de eenzaamheid van de katoenvelden” by Julie Peters
  • Music for a short movie “Somebuddy” composed together with Pim van den Heuvel


  • Music for a short movie “Vluchtig” by Bjorne Willemsen
  • Music for an art project “Relic” by Uriya Jurik
    composed together with Pim van den Heuvel
  • Music for a short movie “The Cleaner” by Daan van ‘t Einde, composed together with Pim van den Heuvel
  • Dubstep bottle for project 128
  • Pavlov’s equations for any set of instruments (more than three musicians) Written specially for Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Sarah Jeffery, Anne Veinberg and Sophie Fetocacis
  • In the Air for saxophone quartet
    Written specially for Keuris Quartet
  • Met sinen blancken swaerde for accordion and voice (one performer)
    Written in collaboration with Erica Roozendaal


  • Met ons for vibraphone and harp, composed specially for Duo Harpverk
  • Tango soundtrack for a short movie by Irina Roerig 
  • A rehearsal for clarinet and iPad written specially for Michel Marang
  • Music for theatre play HUNDELEBEN
  • Fermata for The Clara Rockmore Electrio
  • Παστελλο for Atlas Ensemble
  • I came like Water, and like Wind I go..  version for male choir and  string quintet. Composed specially for the choir DE.FUNDO
  • I came like Water, and like Wind I go.. a cycle on verses by Omar Khayyam for flute, piano and soprano voice with new string instruments invented by Hans van Koolwijk and Jan van der Sangen. Composed specially for TRIODUO
  • “Duo for Soinua” for accordion and soprano recorder. Written specially for Duo Soinua
  • “21 gram” for 5 cellos. Written specially for Ensemble FIVE
  • “Streets..” for shakuhachi, contrabass paetzold recorder, mandolin, guitar, harp, contrabass, piano and two marimbas. Written specially for Nieuw Ensemble


  • “Útburður” for clarinet and live electronics
    composed in collaboration with  Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson
  • CCCZen for ensemble, written specially for the concert of the Zen mind course at the CvA taught by Harrie Starreveld
  • “Quartet” for sopranino recorder, soprano recorder and clogs
    written specially for  Sarah Jeffery 
  • Healing  for duduk, theremin, muted trumpet and saxophone quartet, 528Hz
  • Positive Feedback  for the head joint of the bass recorder and a loudspeaker, created in collaboration with Petri Arvo
  • Y+Y for percussion duo, written specially for  Joint Venture Percussion Duo
  • Music for movies:

    Parallel reality

  • Children songs:

    Barashek I Bukva B
    Barashek Borya



  • In C mood for ensemble (Atlas Academy  2011)
  • The Laughter tape piece, composed in collaboration with S. Lakatos
  • A sharp note for saxophone quartet
  • To Color Noises.. for flute and live electronics, composed in collaboration with G. Dumitriu
  • PETRIO for bass recorder, piano and live electronics, in collaboration with Felipe Ignacio Noriega (electronics)
  • The Morning Mood for two soprano saxophones (female players) Created in collaboration with Stefanie Seidel and Henriette Jensen


  • Reflection for ensemble (Atlas Academy 2010)
  • Woodwind quintet
  • Three preludes for piano
  • Child’s dream for ensemble


  • Concerto for bassoon and cello with string orchestra and percussions


  • Salome symphonic poem


  • X for mixed choir and orchestra
  • Two pieces for bass trombone-solo


  • Berlin I for ensemble, written specially for Omnibus Ensemble
  • Elegy for string quartet
  • Four preludes for piano, written specially for Liliya Ugay
  • Three songs on poems by Sasha Chiorny